The History of the McBeath – Dynes Funeral Home

In 1954 Wilson McBeath opened the McBeath Funeral Home at 246 Thames St., S., Ingersoll. Over the years, and as times changed, the building was renovated and additions were added to serve the needs of the community. Mr. McBeath continued to serve the community of Ingersoll and surrounding area until 1989 when he sold the business to long time employee Douglas Dynes.

Mr. Dynes along with his wife Janet continued to operate the business in the same manner that had served the community well for so long. The building was regularly updated and maintained to keep it an attractive addition to the community it serves.

As time passed, Mr. Dynes also felt it was time for a change. So on August 28, 2008 the Dynes’ sold the McBeath – Dynes Funeral Home to Jeffrey and Michelle Glendinning and then retired from the funeral business.

The Glendinning’s own and operate funeral homes in the small towns of Plattsville and Port Rowan. Jeffrey had been working with Mr. Dynes for the past few years and was quite familiar with the business and the town. Jeff and Michelle are dedicated to serving each and every family to best of their ability. In order to provide the best service possible they hired Mr. Robert Rivest to be the Managing Funeral Director. Mr. Rivest has 25 years of experience in Oxford County and has family living in the Ingersoll area.

What was started in 1954 has stood the test of time, and with small adjustments we strive to continue providing the highest level of care and compassion to each family that we have the honour to serve.

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